Here I am with a Garage Band ... literally! Garage on the left Man for Rent in Torino, Italy. But phone # is not mine, so please don't call I still take photographs sometimes Selfie-expression Roberto getting pandemic. But it was a false alarm Here we go with another wig-moments. Carnival, of course
With friends at the beach. Rio as usual, possibly Ipanema Time to leave Munich (DE). Car is quite packed up. Police stopped us after only 6 km ... Don't really remember if it was something that had to do with the toilet sign in the back, who knows ... Hot tub (really hot!) naked moment. Hope Google won't censor it Beijing, 2016. It was some sort of a deep-fried squid. Survived, good street food Copacabana beach, New Year's Eve
Tourist moment in the 'chateaux de la Loire' area Mexico, cute red-head, good food, violin, intense moments in the bathroom a couple days later Typical Covid-19 selfie Who doesn't like snow and castles? News...whatever in Bavaria Can you believe I got called to be a 'Best Man'? My usual token face here

Roberto Delpiano

"Please allow me to introduce myself ..."

This is my special ego trip page, where I would like to share my face and moments of my life.

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Here I am with a Garage Band ... literally! Garage on the left