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Animal portrait is like fishing, in a way.

In taking pictures of animals I've learned how to deal with them (framing the perfect cat picture and then the little furry *%$#+ turns away and walks out right when I press the button), and how to patiently go over and over again after a new shot.

I got involved in the project of calendars and agendas with animal pictures by Editrice Castalia - Torino - Italy, in the end of last century and enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

Cat laying on back reading a tiny book Red cat on a balcony Portrait of small black dog with remote control Cat looking out from industrial washing machine
Two cats looking from hole in wooden door Cat with playing cards in front of it Very skinny greyhound dog in apartment Cat laying on car seat
Small turtle on computer keyboard Little 'mico', small brazilian primate, quite agressive Dog laying on floor Little crab in aquarium
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No Photoshop, but the picture was staged, I have to admit

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