Creating Images and more

Being it the reproduction of reality, the creation of a parallel one or the faking of it, photography is the field I have been dipping into most of my life.

I've been experiencing different aspects of photography, different techniques, cameras, situations, up to the "now photography", the digital revolution.

Photoshop, easily retouchable images, color correction: dreams come true for a boy who was spending his weekends in the darkroom and countless hours looking in a viewfinder, or the amazement and discovery of seeing a reversed image in a Rolleiflex viewing screen.

And same dreams later on, when back in my photographic studio in Torino, Italy, when my tools bore the names of Sinar, Schneider lenses, Hasselblad, Nikon.

Times change, since 2007 my new tools are mostly pixels, Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.
I have even given away my beloved enlarger ... no more use for it.

All pictures in these pages are unretouched, mind you.

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