You work 12 hours a day all year long and you get that look. Beware, it may happen to you < I have seen things, I have met people... > Rio de Janeiro - Teatro Rival - 2014 Three layered selfie. I am the layer in the middle, Fabiane Dib the selfie-maker And this was the famous motorcycle that almost gor me killed. That day the 2 carburators were just synchronized fine, dammit! Painting in my studio in Torino wearing Andy Warhol style t-shirt
Carnival in Venice again. Nobody took a picture of me, but I like the drawing better There we go: school time, maybe first class. Huge ribbon and hair carefully pinned, oh my, what parents can do to a child ... When I discovered the Nikon Coolpix 900 that could reverse the lens block I went crazy about selfies. It was fast discontinued though, good work Nikon! Expression after driving a few hundred miles but ... wait ... curly hairs? Wrong shampoo, maybe? In some nice castle in France, 2016. Wonderful mirrors, 3D selfie! Growing a moustache for the nth time. But after a while it makes me crazy, it tickles
With my friend Sandra Assandri in Munich, 2016, where I temporartily lived 1998, USA cross-country, but still working on the road, a few pamphlets. Did I hear 'remote working' in 1998? oh, c'mon ... Over-produced working attire. But need to keep a good appearance to keep my image going Rehearsing in the studio with Italian band Lightburners Quite pityful Captain Bolsonaro imitation with Lega-style horns hat. Cute redhead in the front definitely more interesting Not another selfie! I usually end up as 'papagaio de pirata', but it's fine with me, I can express myself trying to ruin the selfie

Roberto Delpiano

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You work 12 hours a day all year long and you get that look. Beware, it may happen to you