Selfie! Only way of getting a good picture of myself! Vanity! And in the pre-selfie era, OMG! I wonder if people riding in their car can read the signs, but I always used my biggest lettering, and it worked Do I have 'stage fright'? YES, I DO! But then, after spittin' out a few notes I start floating away ... Home / office in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Very informal When you gotta run you do it. No matter how loaded you may be with expensive cameras
That thing I am wearing is my beloved ESKIMO, from mid-sixties Carnival in Italy as the Adams family. Hand you see is plastic, real one is the pocket Flute playing. I fell in love with the flute, listening to Jethro Tull back in 1968 My mother loved to dress me as fancy as possible. That was it, my appreciation shows, I guess Arranging my Carnival Photo Exhibition in San Francisco with Andrea Busetto of Nova Venezia (sponsor) If you ever wondered if I could look 'professional': Yes I do, yes I can
FAKE! FAKE! I photoshopped myself in, I have to admit it Me, taking it easy. I do it sometimes too ... Rolling a cigarette in Dam Square in Amsterdam. Just tobacco, this time Me and Carol, Rio de Janeiro. Colors, purple leaves from some tropical plants I've tried a few times to get acquainted with horses, it has always been a dramatic experience. I prefer the bicycle, feel more under control Being a photographer I feel like I have to give the maximum when a camera (cellular phone nowadays) points at me

Roberto Delpiano

"Please allow me to introduce myself ..."

This is my special ego trip page, where I would like to share my face and moments of my life.

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Selfie! Only way of getting a good picture of myself!