Websites Portfolio

Websites I have created from scratch and I am doing the administration at the present time:
2018-present - A different concept in websites, looking for a fast interface, fast (and secure) database access to store and retrieve quite a bit of data. Customized Font-Icon driven interface, 100% cellphone & tablet friendly
Fast access to data as a priority. No wait time.
21 pages only, but very intense PHP / Javascript / MySQLI programming - Bootstrap driven - Portuguese - for Brazilian coverage only - moving forward to other languages and countries as soon as fully adjusted & results will show up, still fine tuning details
Brand New interface: 2018
1997-present - You’re stepping on it right now.
All CSS, Javascript and PHP driven website with different sleek solutions for images feeding, galleries, pre-loading and upgrade, in continuous evolution, but not too much.
Fast access as a priority. No wait time.
180+ pages - English & some Italian. Password protected area.
Revamped interface: 2016
2005-present - Technical web site with description of machinery, technical jargon in several languages. Very linear structure and easy access to information.
Revamped in 2005 in four languages.
130+ pages - Italian, English, French and Spanish - Revamped interface: 2018
1998-present - A commercial site of one of my clients. And technical too, where description and data of a multitude of machine tools are arranged so as to inform their client of the available technology. Ample PDF (especially compressed!) brochure gallery, Flash animations, Flash streaming videos,
all CSS driven. Fast access and lots of info the philosophy of it.
200+ pages - Italian, some English and German -
New interface: 2007
2010-present - Good cooking, good vibrations! Lots of images, 16 pages - Italian.

All CSS & PHP, fast loading interface, solid structure
2008-2018 - All CSS and PHP driven website, with a clean visual and MySQL Database engine to manage products. Customized dynamic search engine, lots of retouching and sleek data management.
Check it out if you fancy of going database.
Customer interface for easy in-house products updating in protected area.
100+ pages - English & Italian
New interface: 2014
2012-present - If you need a neat way to show your products, I've got it.

It seems simple but it's quite complex, and especially ... FAST!

PHP driven, with some neat JavaScript solutions to make it more interactive and interesting.
20 pages - nice mechanical parts viewer - English
2007-present - All CSS and PHP driven website with a great future. Although the complexity of navigation and all screen resolutions handling, this site been designed with full browser compatibility in mind and search engines indexing as a priority.
50+ pages - Italian & English, set up for different screen resolutions. Password protected area - New interface: 2011



What follows are all websites sections on their own I created under my main own domain.

1998-present - It’s got 3 different sections, of which the Venice one is the more intense.
A totally nonprofit site, made to glorify this great thing that carnival is, aside from showing the many and many pictures I have taken.
Traditionally made in HTML, but with some PHP on the side, the site has a good pagination, and loads fast, especially considering the big amount of images ... lots of slideshows
90+ pages in English
New interface: 2011




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