Pets photography

Animal portrait is like fishing, in a way.

I went fishing for real only a couple times in my life (felt too much pity for the poor fishes, although hypocritically I like to eat them) but I like the patience game.

I've learned how to win and how to gracefully lose (framing the perfect cat picture and then the little furry *%$#+ turns away and walks out right when I press the button), and how to patiently go over and over again after a new shot.

I got involved in the project of calendars and agendas with animal pictures by Editrice Castalia - Torino - Italy, some time ago and enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

Cat laying on car seat Cat laying on back reading Dog standing on wooden chair Parrot holding a peanut Close-up of big dog Two piglets
Cat with playing cards in front of it Cat hiding on tree branch Cat with weird sunglasses Two very young dogs White rabbit looking in camera Cat laying in front of music CD shelf
Two cats looking from hole in wooden door Cat intensely looking ahead Dog laying on floor Cat sitting on table with old books and lamp Cat looking out from industrial washing machine Cat kissing a toddler
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Don Masino, reknown mafia cat during a moment of relaxation