Art - Design

The eye, the hand, the brush

ART. What is art? Whatever you may consider worth of giving emotions, sensations. This is my opinion.

Art as communication means, art as never ending source of entertainment, knowledge, visual stimuli ...

I am deeply interested in any form of art, especially visual and aural, painting, drawing, music, sculpture, this is great!

Who is not involved in art-making should start right away! As much as it is pleasurable to absorb it, it's even better making it!
Just a thought ...

Anyway, I do art or what can be considered so.

Please give a look in the above sections and judge by yourself.

And if you think you got some new insights from what I do, well, let me know, Art is communication in the first place ...

All images & texts: Copyright Roberto Delpiano - 1997-2019
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