Is this our real viewing sensation?

We don't have the tunnel vision the average photographic camera has accustomed us with.

Our set of eyes/brain is not working as the "normal" 50mm SLR camera lens is.

We live immersed in a sensation of a wider space, thanks to the simultaneous use of two eyes and lateral vision.

These are the thoughts which came to my mind when I started taking pictures with a panorama camera. And I had the feeling that I was rendering the scene in front of me in a more realistic way. I was having a sensation of space, of being immersed into it.

All this is possible to render with panorama cameras (the Russian Horizon 202 in my case), with an angle of 120°.

The 35 mm film (in the smaller and cheaper versions) receives light from a rotating 28mm lens, giving a 58x24 mm negative per each shot.

Beautiful. Too bad there is no way of doing this with digital nowadays ...

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58x24 mm film Horizon 202 panorama camera