Flash Animation

The fact my philosophy is of staying on the simple and functional, it doesn't mean that I can't offer some of the last, cool effects the software industry offers for us designers to make cooler and cooler web sites.

We say animation, we mean FLASH, which is a powerful tool for making any kind of animation.

I like working in FLASH, but I consider Flash more than a "SPLASH maker".Yes, the one you usually never see because, if you are like me, you immediately click on the "SKIP" button.

FLASH and 3D animation are really powerful tools to achieve results that can be more that just a fancy "Splash Page".

Please see here one of my latest achievements. Be patients, though, it's 300K that have to load, it hasn't been made for web use, that's why ...


All images & texts: Copyright Roberto Delpiano - 1997-2019


Hover on the picture with your mouse and click on any tool or machine part to start action