Roberto Delpiano

"Please allow me to introduce myself ..."

This is my special ego trip page, where I would like to share my face and moments of my life.

So nobody can complain that I don't spend enough time on Facebook.

And check out my little movie: THE BARBOON
by Ferruccio Scanzio Production, real stuff from the eighties ... in Super 8! Full Colors!


In some castle in France, taking 3D anaglyph pictures The Barboon, smoking times, Tom Waits music. Ferruccio Scanzio the Producer and Director, not on DVD but in youtube Expression showing that I have teeth and personality Me again. 1987, young and daring Onstage again playing soprano sax. I love the soprano, but it's lots of work, some Pink Floyd stuff here Trying oput a wig to test its charming power
With the gang from 'Suprema Corte', Brazilian prog-rock band, lots of fun Since quite a bit of the pictures about my life were never made, I supply with drawings. Political demonstration here With my 2nd wife and 4th caipirinha at a friend's anniversay party. Can't remember who this was, though Those were the selfies! Non-selfie era, taking it easy across the USA Privacy moment during my first USA cross-country voyage The man with the thousand faces, or maybe not, just me
One the of the main recommendations I would give to somebody when they have to take a self-shot to send out for work, is of giving a little look in the mirror before shooting ... too late! How can you not have a picture like this. Maybe you can't. But if you went to Venice in those days  it was a must Oh man, another boring selfie. Green shirt and green hair, no Photoshop here! Caught while working. I have to pay the rent too, still not rich after 45 years of working hard One of my duties with the mother-in-law (beware of the mothers-in-law!) is of playing cards on sunday. High time! Compañero Delpiano, hasta la victoria siempre! More or less: Chinese souvenir cap and serious-me-expression for selfie
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In some castle in France, taking 3D anaglyph pictures