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These are some of the thoughts you may possibly have navigating this site. Even though I really don't think you will find any problem in navigating it, I tried to previously answer your problems.

Link is not working ...

This site is quite extensive and is in the redesign process, so some of the links or pages may be a little bit off. If a link may be not working, check in a different page, it may work ok there.

I see nothing! No photos in the galleries!

This site is making an extensive use of Javascript. If you have Javascript turned off, you may be able to see very little. Sorry, you have to update and move on with the crowd, the web is changing fast, you dinosaur!

Site is all messed up!

For some reason your browser didn't download the CSS file, but everything is working fine, trust me. Or it did not download an external piece of code. Do a refresh, it will work just fine.

How come all pages are marked as ".php"?

Because I am taking advantage of the great PHP technology as much as possible. To make my pages loading faster and more interesting. Don't be scared, nothing changes for you viewers.

Are you filling up my browser with cookies?

I am not, at least for now. I respect my public's privacy, but cookie is not necessarily bad, I am planning to use them in the future to enhance your experience.

The whole site is a mess!

It should not, as I tried to be as careful as possible to make it cross-browser compatible. But you may be using a browser being too old or one of those I didn't test. Like Opera or Netscape, or Gecko, whatever it is.

Sorry, nobody's perfect. Please report the problem to me and I will make it as perfect as possible for you too.



Helpful links

Digital Photography

As a professional photographer, I try to stay updated as much as possible about the latest technologies, and some sites are better than other. If you are planning to buy a (new) digital gear, you may want to see what is available and what other thinks about it: is probably the best. Get all data and comparison you need there about digital cameras. where you can find good reviews, and crisp commentaries.

Photo Retouching

When we are talking Photoshop, photo retouch, etc. I advice to do it with a drawing tablet. Actually, I don't even consider working on Photoshop with a mouse.
And the tablets I find work better are the Wacom brand. Don't spend all you money on it, get even an old one on Ebay, as I do. Also the lower-end Wacom are quite good, while the Wacom Cintiq is a total waste of money in my opinion. Get a 4"x5" tablet, it will be more than enough, but don't use that mouse anymore for anything that may be graphic work. Avoid RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury. Photoshop ... mouse ... no good.

Web Design

I do my web design thinking of who will see the pages. So I try to make my web sites as lean and straightforward as possible. And more browser-compatible as I can.


How to survive at a Carnival in Venice. I have some good hints for you here.


How can I play my saxophone better?
Learn, practice, have the right stuff and especially, have your saxophone adjusted as good as possible.
If you're in the West Coast you might want to meet Lee Kramka, in San Francisco, the best in the area, IMHO.
And get some classes from a really great sax player and musician, Peter Spitzer. He's the guy.

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