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Aside from the need of moving to the West Coast, some other reasons are also pushing the "USA Photo Journey" (a bridge to bridge adventure).

... well, metaphorically speaking!

- Artistic / Photographic
Recording as much as it is worth. Documenting a slice of America, seen from an on-the-road perspective.
Color slides and b/w panoramic shots, for a later diffusion in the international art-circuit. No stock photography, sorry!

- Historical / Environmental
A way to know the US of America from the inside. Checking out historical sites, environmental protected areas, woods, lakes, animals roads, visiting people.

- Fun / Adventure
Yep! Check out the organization page to see why, no matter what, we're gonna have fun. AND LOTS OF ADVENTURE!

- Experiment a new way of living
On-the-road-living, but not the same way as Gipsies or nomads, or tourists. Traveling, but still working as usual, keeping contacts with people all around the world, doing everyday cores, but without a stable residence. Our home an old car and a modem.
The work done will be sent directly to its destination (Italy, US), the web site will be updated daily (server in the US), contacts will be kept constantly through e-mail and FTP (planet Earth).

For all those that would like to accompany our trip, buckle your belt, and be welcome on board!