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No sponsoring!
Yep! Nobody offered to sponsor. And I didn't even ask!

So expect to find no brand names in this pages, let alone banners and links.

Old American car. Works good!MEANS OF LOCOMOTION
Our car. An American made 1987 car, 180,000 miles. In good shape, just of an incredibly ugly color.
But it got a paint job promised if it is going to make it all the way to the West.

Cameras, lots ofPHOTO EQUIPMENT
Japan produced Professional 35 mm SLR camera, fitted with lots of good lenses. Only slides taken.

Russian made panoramic camera (film format: 24x58 mm). Light camera, good quality lens. Only b/w negatives.

Laptop computer of Japanese brand and mixed Japan/Canada origin. Fitted with multimedia system, modem 56K, etc.

Digital camera made in Japan (the brand is American though) to portray the best sides of the country, and transmit them to the world through the Internet.

Walkman recorder, Taiwan made. To capture atmospheres for a digital rendering of sounds.

Sorry, no smells. This is an odor-free web site. And no tastes either. All description of food & recipes and other "nose related experiences" will have to be visual/verbal.

Electronic devices

Just a sleeping bag per participant, plus regular stuff: Swiss knife, lamp, maps, a small mirror. No trekking equipment either. City kids going onto the countryside ...

Money supply: the bare minimun, maybe even less.