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Let me introduce to the team that composes this little adventure:

Roberto Delpiano:
you should know me by now, photographer, graphic designer, writer, artist maybe, saxophone enthusiast that may be able to call himself a player in a couple years.

If you want, please check out my profile on the official web site.

Lise Sedrez:
historian, environmentalist, writer, very close to the final Ph.D. step in History at Stanford University, and temporarily teacher of Latin American History at the William & Mary University in Williamsburg, VA.

good humored plant, is patiently following us in this journey.
Ernie is a plant that belonged to Lise's late advisor, Prof. John Wirth.

John passed away in 2002, and he was a dear person to Lise and to me. Nice guy.
Ernie spent all its life in John's office, so the idea is of honoring his memory in taking it with us.

Nice plant, very patient, don't know which is the species, but we are sure it's happy to be with us and will adapt very well to Virginia's climate.