Millennium BUG
Photo Gallery

Roberto Delpiano is the author of these pages in exaltation of this unique event. The coming of a new Millennium.

The change from one day to another, the flipping of a calendar.
Can you imagine anything more challenging? ;-)

Photographer, Artist, Graphic Designer and Webmaster, Photoshop King and Ironic Writer, Roberto Delpiano always keeps an eye on the development of this crazy era of ours, where changes are so frequent that reality seems to fade.

Illusion, Manipulation, Deception.
Photography is not truth anymore. Words only caress the total falseness of silver-oxide images, with a wind of pixelated branches of our conscience.

We try to find truth in what we once recognized for real, images, archetypes, icons, but it slips from our hands, from our subconscious.

Reality is no more. The Third Millennium is coming.
As the history of man were younger than that. Ha Ha.