Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

Do we have to do everything to end up in the first page of Google? Oh yes

A website without Search Engines Optimization is only half useful to have, nowadays.

The more the web grows, more important it becomes to offer the possibility to be found in the big ocean of information. And most of all, we want to be found by the people we are interested in, our prospective customers.

And of course there are gazillions of companies out there offering 21st century Sacred Graal: "put your website in the first page of Google".

Does this work? Yes and no.
Let's see what this whole Google thing is about.

Google-wise strategy

Google is a search engine, the more powerful one, 80% of the search traffic (2020). This means there are thousands of google-sent spiders (softwares operating automatically on the web, sort of benign virii, after all) which scan the web 24/24, to check out all the websites, "index" them, put the info they collect into that big database which will be called up any time somebody will click the famous search button.

One of the supposedly principal ways Google treats the data found on your website to decide if it is a "worthy one", is represented by the links which send visitors from other pages to your website.

At least this is what is widely accepted to happen, of course Google is not disclosing the techniques used.

Put your site in the top ten positions in Google, and in all Search Engines, of course!

Who promises you to do so, will create several links to your website from what are called "Link Factories", websites made of ... links only.

This can be enough, maybe, to work for you, temporarily at least: just be aware that the moment you stop paying your dues, you go back to where you came from: nowhere cyberspace.

I don't consider this method the best way of doing your promotion, but if you want fast results with a content-poor website, this may be the way to go.


Put your website in Google first pages, and hold the position

This is another way to achieve the same, better, maybe slightly weaker results than the link factories. But with a stronger and more established image on the web, and without all the drawbacks relative to the link factories system.

And you are not demoted from your position because you did not send in a check at the end of the month.
For one, there is no check to be sent ...

Organic Search Engine Promotion

This check-less method is the Organic Promotion system, made of creating a website with contents, with good material about the product/service you are proposing to Internet visitors, so as links should flow in spontaneously.

At the same time the website is proposed for indexing and linking to directories (i.e. - which is part of what I do for my clients) while Google will index you as "a good one".

Results are progressive, a little slow on the beginning, and take more time to be achieved, but once you are established, you do not go back to anonymity.

These are the basic rules and dynamics.
When you want to promote your website, ask for advice to your webmaster, but always remember ... it may be like asking in a store which "xyz" product works best for you, and which one they advice you to buy.
It will always be the one the store owner makes more money on, rarely the opposite ...

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