A portrait with a panorama camera is something really special: it is a way of establishing a strong relationship between the portrayed person and the ambiance to which he/she is related.


A possibility of working in very close contact with the person, and keeping the environment in focus and well open to the view allows to give a very "in deep" vision of the person and the surroundings.

All images & texts: Copyright Roberto Delpiano - 1997-2017

Barber at work - Torino, Italy

Playing for busy people at the Carioca Metro station - Rio

In the Sambodrome kitchens during Carnival in Rio

Nice swank coffee shop in Torino

A portrait in the crowd, I mean two, no three ...

Furnishing restauration - Moncalieri, Torino

Amsterdam - impromptu cyclist portrait

Director of Institute of Anthropology - Torino, long time ago

Getting an ice cold beer in a 'boteco' in Rio de Janeiro

Life on a plane crossing the ocean - Feeding time

Rio de Janeiro: kindergarten on top of a building in Copacabana - Taking a shower

Proud owner of salamy factory - Italy

Where all shoes go to be fixed - Rio de Janeiro

Hey! That's my girl! - Maternity Ward in Torino

Studio practicing: I'm on the saxophone - Photo: Marco Corongi

Waiting for someone in a Parisian bistrot

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