Going to shoot carnival pictures with two photographic systems as different as the 35mm and panorama at the same time, is asking for trouble.

Because you end up walking, running, fighting for space in a crowd for days like a photographic Christmas tree, with cameras hanging from all over.


And also because of the dynamics and state of mind of shooting with the regular 24x36 camera (3:2 format) are very different from panorama (22:9 proportion).

But panorama is only marginal here, as it was mostly a test I made in very extreme circumstances.

Find a lot more Carnival photos in my CARNIVAL SECTION.

All images & texts: Copyright Roberto Delpiano - 1997-2017

Rio Sambodrome - Kids all well organized in aviation disguise (Samba School Tradição)

Carnival in Rio - big Samba School float in the Sambodrome

Rio de Janeiro - the Italian Samba School of Cento parades in the Sambodromo Sapucaí

Public in the Sambodromo. Around 60,000 maximum capacity (always packed)

Sapucaí is the name given to the sambodrome in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Sambodrome: close contact with the public

Rio de Janeiro - the Italian Samba School of Cento with a big float in the Sambodromo Sapucaí

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