Maurice Sand: Pulcinella with the "coppolone" - (year 1800)


Pulcinella is another example of witty but somewhat different character that emerges powerfully from the Commedia dell'Arte.

Philosophical, eternally melancholic, dreamer as only a representative of the Neapolitan culture could be, Pulcinella has a spirit all of his own. No tensions or despair, his melancholic approach to life makes him coast problems, situations, live adventures and at the end simply getting out of everything, in the same simple manner as how he got involved.

A positive approach to life, his winning strategy.

Various masks or costumes were part of the character, as its evolution went on, but what got in the imaginary was the white, simple, poor costume with the sugar loaf hat (the "coppolone"), his dreamy way of being, his poetry and simple philosophy.

Maurice Sand: Pulcinella in one of his earlier costumes - (year 1700)
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